Leaving IT Beautiful

Leaving IT Beautiful

my name is hannah and i run this band blog. i am here for anyone who wants to talk to me

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That moment when…

…you’re the only one that has a perfect grade in class.

…you happen to pass by some bieber fans.

…you bought the last premium item.

…you graduated from school.


HORSE by TomSka

We were inspired by our friend Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive, and her daring spirit. She represents the adventurous free thinker this jacket was made for, and a jacket she can bring on the road or any journey she takes.

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This is really sweet


So for my AP United States History class we have to write a research paper; my topic is the gay rights movement in America. Today I began reading one of the books that I chose as a sourceimage

And I opened it up to the dedication page and found this


And if you don’t think that’s one of the sweetest and most romantic things ever then get out of my face

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Guys, I think I found the world’s greatest stock photo. There’s nothing to explain. It’s just simply amazing.

Wowie look at us.
“Swiggity swag, ain’t we rad tad?”
⭐️On Left: hella-homo-heichou⭐️
⭐️On Right: xtickle-me-fancyx⭐️

Only my sister 🐴😂

Choi Junhong’s IG


I was at the mall today, and I caught this epic video. This guy is one dedicated Brony!


Have you ever been so excited that you were a horse?